We have the perfect research and analysis instruments that match the exact needs of our clients and follow business projections. Each research process has different features, depending on the outcome. We analyze the research objectives, develop test tools, establish final directions based on initial tests, and then activate the process. We gather data and carefully analyze it. Each target audience segment has a certain kind of attitude and specific behavior – decoding demographics demands a great deal of attention. Using genuine research tools, Bizmart guarantees relevant marketing actions.


Bizmart uses advanced methods to analyze and synthesize information. The relevant data obtained leads to directions for defining business objectives. Turning data into marketing and business strategy is an amazing responsibility and involves huge efforts, but is also the foundation of our philosophy as a company. We are able to capture the essence of target groups which have similar behavior. Understanding consumer behavior helps us develop a strategy that leads to the achievement of business objectives and brand cohesion.

Focus groups
Interviews and surveys
Brainstorming sessions
User experience test

Social media interaction analysis
Opinion makers analysis
Web traffic analysis
Detailed reports for clients

Brand strategy
Marketing strategy
Product strategy
Communication strategy

Media planning
Social media strategy
SEO and SEM strategy


Strategy and research teams communicate and cooperate to identify the best routes for the consumer to follow in its way toward the product. The key to the sale has a simple architecture with many choices, depending on the customers’ preference. Once we understand the way consumers purchase, we can approach consumer behavior and develop the mechanisms which modify the behavior related to the product we advertise. Bizmart has developed mechanisms that go beyond purchase and keep the consumer in touch with the brand for longer periods of time. This strategy increases the product’s shelf life and the connection with the brand.


We consider creativity to be an amount of thought processes placed in a systematic context. Bizmart applies verified mechanisms throughout the creative process. Today, in an innovative dynamic world, we must develop creative concepts that productively connect marketing strategies with business goals on interactive media channels.
Being a strategy based creative agency, Bizmart actions have direct effect on sales and increase the brand value. Intersecting various communication channels, in which the message is presented linearly or from a development perspective, a brand can come to have inspirational attributes and connect with clients on a higher level. This is the purpose of creative communication.

Defining the target audience
Acquisition scenarios
Relevant information

Business analysis
Architecture of information
Interactive design

Creative concepts
Graphic design

App Design


Bizmart owns their own creative production studio. Photo sessions, video presentations, interviews, product presentations, all with the purpose of obtaining relevant content for social media.

Our experienced team can bring to life the creative concepts generated by brainstorming sessions and generate more value for our clients’ business.

Bizmart software capabilities are top of the line. Bizmart is one of the first Romanian companies to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud software for all their creative systems.


Social media is the best environment for networking. Bizmart has instruments that build strong relationships between companies, brands, products, and consumers. We develop relevant content, monitor discussions, reply to comments, but we also measure the effect of social media in the context of business objectives. Bizmart develops promotional campaigns addressing a very well segmented target audience along with software applications that connect brands with consumers. Bizmart has fulfilled successful projects where social media was integrated in marketing and communication plans for their clients. Statistical reports provided by Bizmart reflect the brand in social media.

Photo sessions
Film production
TV ads

Audio design
Motion graphic
Online video content
Mobile applications

Strategic planning
Communication campaigns
Content development

Social media web platforms
Social media influence tools
Online communities development