Bizmart outlines a central creative message positioned as a key message in the mix of communication. Creative messages based on strategy interact with various target segments that react differently to communication environments. We develop different creative concepts that have a single message on different types of media, in various forms of communication and production. Only integrated creative campaigns have maximum penetration into various audience segments.

The campaigns created by Bizmart are modern, creative, strategic, memorable and driven by the business objectives key mechanisms.


Bizmart helps companies visually interact with their target audience through creative communication materials. Strategic communication concepts meet ideas developed by our creative teams’ brainstorming sessions. The campaign effectiveness is measured by its ability to attract attention in the first two seconds of contact with the target. Creative concepts applied to various communication materials or advertising campaigns are a very important component in terms of emotional connection with the target audience. Bizmart delivers integrated creative concepts for all types of media, including online and social media.

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Print & Online Advertising | Branded Environments | Web Design


Bizmart develops brand identity concepts that have the potential to become real brands, perfectly aligned and integrated with the expectations of the target audience. Brand identity and brand manuals are designed with a long-term vision and have the potential to achieve high growth. As seen by Bizmart, the branding must go far beyond the visual identity and generate real feelings that have an emotional connecting power with the target.

Brand Identity | Brand Guidelines | Print Collateral | Packaging


Bizmart helps companies plan media campaigns by studying communication channels in terms of their audience. We analyze the targeted audience and select the media channels where communication has a maximum effect. Today, media campaigns comprise the online environment and social media. We have integrated social media and online environment into media planning strategies with a resounding and instant success. Bizmart negotiates the best possible prices with media owners in order to achieve a cost-effective balance with a visible and lasting effect.


The most important aspect of an event is “the list”. If you have a good contact list, you can organize the best events. An event is a form of communication very difficult to replace. Creative concepts underlying a successful event must be in tune with the marketing and communication objectives. From organizing music festivals to the local launch of new car models, Bizmart takes into account every detail to achieve the best outcome.


Bizmart clients have a relevant online presence that generates digital interaction with the target audience. Our marketing expertise allows us to use the online environment as leverage in brand communication. Websites developed by Bizmart are really persuasive and support the company values. We analyze the client’s business and target audience before we develop their website. We use the most modern technologies and apply the latest trends in web design throughout the website. Websites created by Bizmart are suited for modern devices and can be accessed from various mobile platforms, regardless of their technical characteristics – smartphone or tablet.


Bizmart has developed online stores that successfully apply the rules of e-commerce and are in the Romanian top 5 in terms of number of visitors and revenues in their respective business. Bizmart has developed online stores for clients from Romania and EU, successfully integrating business concepts from different areas. Our team has successfully applied concepts of integrated marketing and usability that generated recurrent sales, guaranteeing a solid relationship with the target audience. Online stores are a new sales medium and must be analyzed thoroughly. If the online store is a sales medium, then e-commerce is the sales strategy perfectly adapted to this new medium of interaction with customers. Bizmart also implements in online stores the e-commerce selling strategy. This is why online shops developed by Bizmart are very successful in terms of e-commerce.


Bizmart owns the tools to achieve brand-consumer connection. We build real communities around brands or products. We develop high-value content with strong strategic connotations, leading to increased interaction with the brand. Our expertise and social media communication strategy is proved by developing relevant content, managing fan base, developing unique applications for each client. The applications developed by Bizmart have generated strong communities and have increased brand awareness.

Communication strategy | Editorial content development | Film production, photo sessions and graphic design | Web development and programming | Contests – Applications and management | Maintenance | Complete accounts management | Social media promotional campaigns | Data analysis and interpretation


Bizmart integrates active mechanisms, which are constantly updated to the purpose of raising awareness in search engines. Search engines constantly develop and refine their algorithms to provide relevant search results. We only implement mechanisms leading to an increase in search engine ranking. Bizmart permanently recommends SEO actions to their clients. Aggressive actions with potential immediate effect are not recommended by Bizmart as they may suffer irreparable penalties from the search engines. With SEO, as well as with other marketing strategies, we take into account a constantly changing market and a dynamic competition. This is why Bizmart treats SEO as a set of permanent actions in the context of competition.


The Bizmart team is trained by the Google Adwords specialists themselves. Over the course of four weeks, the Google team has developed a learning module, directly implemented in Bizmart Adwords accounts, covering all the implementation strategies that have a maximum effect at minimum cost, for Adwords campaigns. Bizmart offered its clients effective Adwords campaigns that have increased sales or company exposure. Bizmart develops campaigns and ad groups constantly monitored with immediate effect on the business objectives. Bizmart also develops Adwords Display campaigns. These campaigns call for creative and effective visuals. Display campaigns target sites with relevant content for the target audience. Campaigns are constantly monitored to see which ads are more appealing to the target and how to manage budgets with maximum effect. Bizmart apply their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) expertise to develop ads that fit the client’s marketing strategy. Business objectives can be reached only with relevant ads and key locations.